The Rapture 31 August 2013

raptureI was sitting on my bed busy repenting, asking Yeshua to wash me and to help me to practice and live everything that He is graciously teaching I never only want to deliver the Word of YHVH, I want to live His Word every day, this is my desire- YHVH help me!!

As I was repenting I suddenly heard Yeshua’s voice in my left ear, He anointed my ear and I heard Him speaking audibly but in another language. It was so awesome to hear Holy Spirit’s voice almost translating inside of Yeshua’s voice. Holy Spirit is the Spirit of understanding and therefore we are able to understand His words, Holy Spirit alone enables us to hear and understand YHVH that is FAR above our OWN understanding! That is one of the reasons we HAVE to be baptized with the FULLNESS of the 7 fold Holy Spirit in Isaiah 11:2- “And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD; And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the LORD. We can ONLY understand the things of the SPIRIT if we are baptized with the Spirit of understanding, if not we only have religious understanding that is conformed to the mind. I truly want to urge YHVH’s people to be VERY CAREFUL to reject the things of the Spirit because it does not fit into your framework and understandings, if it seems foreign TEST it!! Test everything, but do not just reject it, if you reject a word of YHVH, you reject Him.

So Yeshua started speaking with authority and urgency… This is what He said:

“I am coming, tell the people I am coming to gather My prepared Bride in the rapture as recorded in My Word. This is what I send you out for, to warn and prepare the people for the rapture because it will be as I have clearly said in My Word! Look, what do you see?” I saw the same original Book [Bible] that I saw in the last letter. Again He said look and He opened the Word to me and I saw a place where HE HIMSELF speaks about the rapture but not using the word rapture. The whole ‘Bible’ was written in a language that looks the most like Hebrew, but it was YHVH’s Kingdom language that is made up out of words that form pictures and parables. Many of the things are literal but many of it is prophetic pictures and through HOLY SPIRIT’s understanding He can make His mysteries known to us. The word that I saw that we know as the rapture was made up out of a picture of a trumpet and it had different parts that explain exactly what will happen. “Listen to what I say, I AM the Word, the written Word that you know as the Bible is NOT in it’s original form as I AM, it has changed through the ages, conformed to the natural mind’s understanding. Repent on behalf of the people who have translated it, adding and leaving out what I HAVE SAID because now you may think that you understand My Words but you don’t.  The people understand it with their minds, it isn’t Rhema, I want the people to understand it through My Spirit Kingdom language. If you do not read My Word in Spirit you will be deceived.

Therefore I want you to tell the people, warn them, tell them that THE WORD says that the rapture will be soon. I will gather My Bride to meet Me in the air, suddenly, in the blink of the eye, when Babylon is fast asleep, My Bride watches, she waits, she listens for the sound of the trumpet. Tell the people that NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR THE HOUR BUT MY FATHER! I am the Only One that knows My Father’s heart. Let Me explain to you the trinity so that My people may understand. Remember this, in your Bibles the word rapture and the word trinity are not found, does this mean it is not the truth? Certainly not… I AM YHVH, I AM Yeshua, I AM Ruach Hakodesh, We ARE One! I AM fire!!! YHVH’ I Am is the blue flame of Our fire, It is the heat of I AM that consumes everything human, you cannot contain I AM, therefore Yeshua I AM is the red flame, I became the way for you not to be consumed by My holiness, like Moses at the burning bush.  YHVH sent Me and your Bible says the Angel of YHVH, because I AM the Messenger of YHVH’s holiness, showing you the fire of our Holiness without consuming you, see I AM grace, I AM love! Still I AM so intertwined with My Abba that you need Holy Spirit, the breath of My life, to breath over you, kindling My fire in you, keeping Me burning in You. Holy Spirit is the part of I AM that enables Us to communicate with you and enables you to grasp what I AM. I tell you My people, you cannot understand Me, you will die, you can never, never see I AM for you will lose your life. I AM that I AM, I AM the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, My grace you cannot fathom!!

Therefore, I tell you that I AM the Only one that knows and makes known My Father’s heart! YHVH is the intensity of I AM, the beginning and the end, Elohim! Abba YHVH knows the day of My second coming, He knows when My Bride will be raptured, I AM the one who will not make known to you the day or the hour BUT I am the one who reveals to you the signs, the times and the seasons. I will make known to you the season of the rapture, it will be in a short while. You are now still in a season of awakening, you are in a season where the vibrations of the trumpet will hit the atmosphere and the heavens before the sound hits you. Awake, I tell you! Keep on delivering My messages and warnings without hesitation because the people NEED to awaken NOW! I tell you it is a short while! Blow your trumpet warning because you can see what is coming, sound it so that the people may know the sound of My trumpet when it is sounded.”

Then Yeshua started speaking about something that He commissioned me  to do regarding Israel that I will share when He allows…

“Judgment will come against Israel, it will be My trumpet to awaken THEM so that their hearts will return to their Messiah. You will see the tree starting to blossom and the eyes of My people starting to open. I ask (He asked more in a COMMANDING way) My gentile Bride to pray for My Beloved Israel. My Gentile Bride is watching, waiting in anticipation for her Sister- Israel to awaken and rise to join her at the marriage supper. PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM!”

I saw Yeshua’s Bride entering into the ark and at the same time I saw the Bride being raptured to meet Messiah in the air.  While ‘she’ is ascending she is being transfigured into a spirit body. Everyone then received crowns ect according to their works out of humility and obedience in His Kingdom. Everyone was clothed/prepared to rule with YHVH in the millennium. I saw the new Jerusalem prepared as a Bride for her Husband!

144, 000

Then suddenly I heard 144,000! I was excited because I never understood the 144, 000 and prayed about it but haven’t heard from Yeshua about it.

I then saw the 144, 000 on Mount Zion along with Yeshua, they were in white robes and they had the Torah in their hands. I also saw the blood of the Lamb on them… They were singing a new song, and the gentile Bride who was already raptured at this time listened to this beautiful song but they did not understand it. They were ALL Jewish people! Then I heard Yeshua saying: “They are the first fruits of the Jewish people, redeemed and raised up after the rapture, the rapture of the gentile Bride. Let Me explain it to you in this way… among ‘Christian’ believers there is a church and there is a Bride, the Bride is the first fruits of the church and ONLY the Bride will be raptured not the church, in the same way, the 144,000 is the first fruits of My Jewish bride who will join us at the marriage supper. Every other believer that will die in the tribulation will only be bridesmaids at the feast because they have not responded to My call IN TIME! That time is passing away quickly so run with the message…